Developing Leadership through simulation

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Critical workforce like leadership needs special intervention for development which takes them closer to their real jobs. World has recognized this and most critical job roles ( Pilots , Army Personnel , Doctors etc. ) have learnt through the best learning intervention that is simulation. Simulation exposes the learner to real life like challenges and enables the learner to better prepare for challenges . Learner gets exposed to high level self , people and business challenges and reactions to the situations are captured, in turn a developmental detailed analytical feedback is presented to the learner. Driving leadership development with the simulation methodology is immersive and more supportive to the entire learning and development process

Why develop leaders through simulation ?

With simulations leaders get an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills. Simulation exposes leaders to both practical and theoretical knowledge. The experiences that simulation creates, critical thinking and better leadership skills are developed .Learning through simulation complements the learning that takes place in everyday work life and has positive impact on work. Simulation triggers reflection of experiences that are tied with theory. Learners get exposed to new concrete experiences that ensures readiness to handle situations better with people and business for positive results.

What will I get from the program?

  • Better ways of managing & leading millennials
  • Build up to key strengths in Influencing without authority
  • Building key relationships with people for higher business impact
  • Identify your strengths and gaps in crisis management and accountability
  • Enhanced ability to give and receive feedback
  • Strengthen sense of setting goals
  • Increase in understanding to work with diverse teams and drive for results
  • Tools for empathy and personal presence and impact in self leadership


Deeper Emotional Involvement
More Participation
Higher Motivation
Exciting Learning Culture
International Level Certification Program.High Engagement
Ease of Application
Personalised Scorecards & Action Plan


LEADex Leadership Simulation is as a high impact simulation which exposes participants to various challenges in Self, People and Business Leadership. This immersive experience is tied to detailed analytics and feedback reports. Participants get real like challenges and are continuously challenged to act on it.

  • Readiness to handle challenges.
  • Able to understand the impact of decisions on people & business.
  • Able to co-relate practical situations with learnt theories.
  • Detailed analytics and feedback.
  • Exposure to real like challenges.
  • High Engagement.

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