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Mindomine Learning is an International Standard Organisation accredited by Emirates International Accreditation Centre, Dubai on its quality management systems . Our endevaor is to provide world class quality learning & certification programs to learner.

Premium Consulting

Understanding gaps, culture and performance drivers of an organisation and working hand and glove with customers is at heart of our strategy. Measuring results and partnering for success adds to our success stories.

Performance Auditing

Deploying learning solutions, using systematic reinforcements and measuring performance through audit drives sustenance and creates scope for improvements.

Innovative Methodologies

Our diverse teams add real value by designing innovative methodologies like Digital Simulations, Digital Classrooms, Innovation Contests and Certification Programs. These methodologies make us stand out from the competition.


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Is digital learning more effective than classroom training?

(Revised and Updated for 2019)

Data source : Learning House and Aslanian Market Research New Jersey USA

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Best in Industry

Learners First and Quality Learning is at the heart of our strategy . Every program is skillfully crafted and goes through quality process to make it impactful and effective for every learner .

Train The Trainer Certification



Digital Learning

The future of learning is agile and demanding, most of the top Universities drive their curricula through digital methodology globally. Digital Learning enable participants to grasp the concepts quickly and fully and they are able to connect theory to application. We bring this methodology via our digital classroom.

Social Learning

Our discussion boards and peer learning techniques give altogether a new dimension and perspective to participants’ takeaways. Participants interact and learn through sharing ideas, thoughts and challenges.

Getting Future Ready

Our researched curricula and methodologies focus on enabling participants to be future ready. These flagship programs focus on skills of the future that every organisation needs to outgrow.

See What Our Customer Are Saying?

"I found the program very easy to understand and productive , my coach was very supportive and empathetic , overall the assignments were fun to do and great for personal development"

Saurabh Kishen – Bangalore

"This was the best program for me as I have very little time during weekdays , I managed my own learning speed and completed the certification program . Learning videos and trainer toolkit was amazing and very powerful . Thanks Mindomine"

Aishwarya – Mumbai

"I am a trainer with 2 years experience , but the amount of exposure I got from this program is tremendous . Best part I choose to learn when I want to , superb guidance and support from Abhishek Sir"

Sanjeev – Delhi

"First of all thanks for the support and guidance provided by Abhishek. From the start till the end any issues and queries was sorted out timely.Coming to the course, the course content was designed on six different phases which was set up in a sequential manner right from the fundamentals. The self learning pace was a good experience. This is where I enjoyed learning things by reading the materials and doing the assignments by analysing a lot of references. I got to learn diffrent techniques and characteristics that are involved in training and essential to become a good trainer. Also the do's and don'ts during a training. Apart from this the bonus lectures and the toolkit add-on is quite helpful as I am new to the industry. Gives a fair idea on what it is all about. "

Sruthi – Chennai

Train the trainer certification program

  • Train the Trainer Certification program is carefully designed and crafted by international master trainers to give participants complete exposure to the world of training .
  • In this program you will be introduced to training tools and techniques which is used by thousands of trainers globally.
  • This is a 360 degrees program focussing on the entire training lifecycle right from need analysis to evaluation.
  • Program deep dives into practical application of training techniques which makes it more unique.

Developing leadership through simulation

  • Leaders play a critical role in business growth , their acumen and decisions have a direct effect on people and profit & loss accounts of the organisation. Year on year organisations across the globe are spending huge budgets on leadership development .
  • Developing leadership in corporate through simulations will capture reactions and decisions of leaders which go through developmental funnels for best results.
  • Leadership of your organisation is the key for success . Learning interventions with deeper emotional involvement gives real results and return on investments.

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Innovative Methodologies


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